CS 3604 Case Study Library III


This submission describes the CS 3604: Professionalism in Computing Case Study Library, a Library coordinated by our client Dr. Dan Dunlap, that contains the recent case studies written by students in the class. The Case Study Library website provides a platform through which these case studies can be viewed. This was the third group to work on the Library, and the current Library allows for student case study upload, searching, and filtering by course topic. However, upload was through one admin account given to all students provided by the teacher. This meant once a student uploaded, they could not go back to edit their submission as there was no way to link users to uploads. Additionally, the interactivity of the website was limited. The first goal of this iteration was to implement login functionality in a manner so that students can log in using their Virginia Tech accounts. This enables us to link users with their uploads and thereby allows them to edit. In order to improve the interactivity of the site, metadata fields will be added for tags and liking. When uploading, students will be able to select various tags from a bank of options that pertain to the subject of their case study, which can later be used for sorting. When viewing case studies, website users will be able to like a submission, and the number of likes on each submission will be stored which can be later used for a recommended page. Our work will increase the opportunity for interaction with users of the website, allowing students to better search for case studies by topic, and to like the studies that others upload. Currently, all of the features that the group attempted to create are working and present, but upload is still not working due to the bucket pointing to the wrong place. The group worked together to build these features as requested by the client, and had to go through a few refactors of the goals in order to reach reasonable milestones over the course of the semester.



Case Study, CS 3604, Dr. Dan Dunlap, Library, AWS, DynamoDB, Login, Authentication, Metadata and Tagging, Website, File Storage, Computer Science