Developing Ancillaries, Supplements, and Assessment Resources to Improve Teaching with OER

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A “lack of associated materials” was listed among the top-eight barriers to adoption of open educational resources in Babson’s 2016-17 report, Opening the Textbook. For many instructors but especially for those who receive department-assigned course materials and have insufficient preparation time, an incomplete package of learning resources poses a hardship which affects instructor and ultimately student performance. In the context of rising adjunctification of the faculty, individuals, institutions, and open education initiatives are taking matters in their own hands. National, regional, and locally hosted, subject-specific, and collaborative events including content camps, testbank sprints, and creator-fests are becoming frequent solutions to faculty expressed needs for improvement of teaching resources.



ancillaries, testbank, learning materials, assessment materials, open educational resources, sprint methodology, content camp, creatorfest