Model-Centric Interdependent Critical Infrastructure System Recovery Analysis and Metrics

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Virginia Tech


This dissertation defines and evaluates new operations management modeling concepts for use with interdependent critical infrastructure system reconfiguration and recovery analysis. The work combines concepts from Graph Trace Analysis (GTA), Object Oriented Analysis and Design (OOAandD), the Unified Modeling Language (UML) and Physical Network Modeling; and applies them to naval ship reduced manned Hull, Mechanical, Electrical and Damage Control (HMEandDC) system design and operation management. OOAandD problem decomposition is used to derive a natural solution structure that simplifies integration and uses mission priority and mission time constraint relationships to reduce the number of system states that must be evaluated to produce a practical solution. New concepts presented include the use of dependency components and automated system model traces to structure mission priority based recovery analysis and mission readiness measures that can be used for automating operations management analysis. New concepts for developing power and fluid system GTA loop flow analysis convergence measures and acceleration factors are also presented.



Recovery Analysis, Reconfiguration for Fault Isolation and Restoration, Damage Control Automation, Mission Assurance, Critical Infrastructure System