Chorobesity: Modern Insight Into An Enduring Epidemic


Health researchers are looking for all possible relationships between two health conditions, obesity and diabetes. To investigate the issue robustly, create detailed experimentation, and develop lasting solutions, the Chorobesity project presents a visual tool of the geographical relationship between obesity and diabetes for our clients to utilize in their studies. Making use of different levels of maps, as well as different color “keys”, the user can study different regions’ health condition statuses. The Chorobesity project aims to be a visual and dynamic tool that researchers can use to further their understanding of the geographical correlation between obesity and diabetes. It provides relevant data and tools for the user to easily interpret and tweak this data for their best understanding. This interactive map, in providing a snapshot of the current health profile of the United States, seeks to be an indispensable tool for policymakers, health professionals, and the general public to understand how obesity and diabetes correlate as the clients see fit.



health map, obesity, diabetes, visualization tool, interactive map, mouse hover, choropleth map, geographic correlation, health issues