Static Misalignment Effects is a Self-Tracking Laser Vibrometry System for Rotating Bladed Disks

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Virginia Tech


The application of laser Doppler vibrometry to high speed rotating structures has been hampered by technical limitations. Whereas full-field three-dimensional velocity measurements can be made on stationary structures, the capability on rotating structures is limited to low speed, one-dimensional, steady state operation. This work describes the implementation of a self-tracking laser vibrometry system which overcomes many of the limitations of current techniques for vibration measurements on rotating structures. A model of the self-tracker is developed and used to predict the effects of static misalignments on the position and velocity errors. These predictions are supported by experimental results and simplified models of the self-tracker.

NOTE: (02/2011) An updated copy of this ETD was added after there were patron reports of problems with the file.



bladed disks, laser vibrometry, vibration measurement, turbomachinery