A case study in automated testing

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Virginia Tech


As electronics technology has become more complex over the past few years, finding a suitable and cost-effective testing method has become increasingly difficult. Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI) packaging technologies are making accurate diagnosis of printed circuit boards more costly and time-consuming. Furthermore, a number of business-related factors impact the suitability of any test approach.

The purpose of this project is the application of system engineering methodologies in the selection of the best-automated testing approach for a new system. The system engineering effort will transform an operational need into a description of system performance parameters and a preferred system configuration through the interactive process of requirements definition, functional analysis, synthesis, optimization, and requirement allocation. The integration of technical parameters will assure the capability of all physical, functional, and program interfaces in a manner that optimizes the total system design and definition.

An up-front engineering effort will help to identify acquisition cost and the ongoing costs of operation and maintenance, both of which have equally important roles in determining the optimum test strategy.