The Pricing for Same-Day Arrival Guests in the Hotel Industry

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International Journal of Business and Applied Social Science (IJBASS).

The objective of this study was to recognize the impact on pricing dynamics that elements such as reservation channels, price decision makers, and pricing for same-day and very late (after 11 PM) same-day arrival guests. The data was collected via a random sample from a list of 3,000 hotels provided by Smith Travel Research, with 283 responses being analyzed. Though this is an exploratory study, it fills a need in the hospitality literature for empirical research, as it reveals hotels’ pricing patterns for same-day arrival guests. This study enables managers and scholars to form a better understanding of hotels’ actual pricing for same-day arrival guests. Researchers can thus have a starting point for developing models that can empirically demonstrate what pricing strategies are effective for same-day arrival guests.

Revenue Management, Room Pricing, Same-day Arrival Guest, Reservation Channels, Pricing Decision Maker