Utilization of Technology in CACREP Approved Counselor Education Programs


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Virginia Tech


This study focused on the use of technology within CACREP approved counselor education programs throughout the United States. The procedure for this project was handled totally online. An initial e-mail was sent to 146 possible participants to request corrected addresses or names, if necessary, and to alert them to the coming introduction and invitation to participate in this survey. There were 44 respondents who agreed to take part in this project. They were given a password to the survey instrument and directed to the researcher's web page. From there, they clicked on a button visible on the first page that took them to the password page of the survey instrument. They then completed the survey consisting of fill in the blank; yes, no; open-ended questions; and multiple choice questions and hit the "submit" button to indicate that they were finished.

Literature pertaining to the use of technology in general as well as in counselor education programs was extensively reviewed. This demonstrated the current movement in education toward alternative delivery methods for course instruction. The results indicated that counselor educators are aware of the increase in the use of technology in programs, but were not as convinced of the effectiveness of this method of course delivery. Though most were comfortable with PowerPoint presentations by faculty and students, participants were not widely accepting of classes online, or broadcast via satellite.



Education, Higher, technology in counseling, counselor education and technology