A Study of Teacher Evaluation Methods Found in Select Virginia Secondary Public Schools Using the 4x4 Model of Block Scheduling

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Virginia Tech


Positive transition from a traditional schedule to a block schedule involves not only much investigation and planning but also the successful acclimation of teachers to the necessary changes in how they deliver instruction. With this being said, the importance of teacher evaluation and professional development can not be understated. This study investigates the evolution of the teacher evaluation process and professional development after the adoption of a 4x4 model of block scheduling. Data were collected from 6 Virginia public schools by means of principal interviews, teacher interviews, and analysis of the individual school division's teacher evaluation methods and procedures.

It was found that the 6 evaluation models shared similar components. The teachers and administrators believed that the models had not significantly changed since the adoption of block scheduling and, with some alterations by the administrators, did adequately evaluate teachers of 4x4 block scheduled schools. The most frequently offered suggestion for improvements to the block scheduled teacher evaluation process involved a larger narrative component. Considering both teacher and administrator comments, the researcher concluded that teacher developed portfolios would be a valuable part of the teacher evaluation process.



Teacher Evaluation Models, Teacher Evaluation, Block Scheduling, Professional Development, Portfolios