Efficient Activation and High Mobility of Ion-Implanted Silicon for Next-Generation GaN Devices


Selective area doping via ion implantation is crucial to the implementation of most modern devices and the provision of reasonable device design latitude for optimization. Herein, we report highly effective silicon ion implant activation in GaN via Symmetrical Multicycle Rapid Thermal Annealing (SMRTA) at peak temperatures of 1450 to 1530 ?, producing a mobility of up to 137 cm(2)/Vs at 300K with a 57% activation efficiency for a 300 nm thick 1 x 10(19) cm(-3) box implant profile. Doping activation efficiency and mobility improved alongside peak annealing temperature, while the deleterious degradation of the as-grown material electrical properties was only evident at the highest temperatures. This demonstrates efficient dopant activation while simultaneously maintaining low levels of unintentional doping and thus a high blocking voltage potential of the drift layers for high-voltage, high-power devices. Furthermore, efficient activation with high mobility has been achieved with GaN on sapphire, which is known for having relatively high defect densities but also for offering significant commercial potential due to the availability of cheap, large-area, and robust substrates for devices.

GaN, doping, ion implantation, ion implantation activation, annealing, SMRTA, symmetrical multicycle rapid thermal annealing