Validation of the life interests (leisure/work) inventory for secondary school students

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Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University


This study focused on three major research questions.

The first was to determine the validity of George R. Frisbie's Life Interests Inventory (1982) with 621 vocational and academic secondary school students, closely replicating his work with a post-high school population. The results showed statistically acceptable validity and reliability.

Secondly, significant differences in the responses to the 15 interest scales of the Inventory were found within the three major sub-groups: the vocational and academic; black and white; and male and female.

The interpretation of the responses to the third question as to how the LII affected the student's perception of work and leisure gave ambiguous results.

The LII was found to have discriminating and predictive value, with its unique emphasis on both work and leisure, with promise as a simple and easily scored aid in developmental career counseling and assessment in the high school.