A Cartesian finite-volume method for the Euler equations

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Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University


A numerical procedure has been developed for the computation of inviscid flows over arbitrary, complex two-dimensional geometries. The Euler equations are solved using a finite-volume method with a non-body-fitted Cartesian grid. A new numerical formulation for complicated body geometries is developed in conjunction with implicit flux-splitting schemes. A variety of numerical computations have been performed to validate the numerical methodologies developed. Computations for supersonic flow over a flat plate with an impinging shock wave are used to verify the numerical algorithm, without geometric considerations. The supersonic flow over a blunt body is utilized to show the accuracy of the non-body-fitted Cartesian grid, along with the shock resolution of flux-vector splitting scheme. Geometric complexities are illustrated with the flow through a two-dimensional supersonic inlet with and without an open bleed door. The ability of the method to deal with subsonic and transonic flows is illustrated by computations over a non-lifting NACA 0012 airfoil. The method is shown to be accurate, efficient and robust and should prove to be particularly useful in a preliminary design mode, where flows past a wide variety of complex geometries can be computed without complicated grid generation procedures.