Disease Spread Simulator II

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Virginia Tech


The purpose of our project is to display a model of the spread of an infectious disease throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia. The user interface should encompass the ability to display what-if scenarios, adjust relevant parameters, and visualize resulting output. This report will further explain the background of the project, our implementation, and what our group has learned throughout this experience.

We created a product to suit the needs of visualizing the given data and formula. It is provided in the form of a webpage or dashboard in order to display a graphical model about Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD). The results and predictions drawn from this information are shown on the dashboard in order to track and see the spread of CWD. The user or client is able to manipulate different sliders to see the kinds of data required. Using a model, the data will be manipulated using statistics on the data to output the correct information that is needed.

The dashboard is hosted on an application called R-Shiny. The client, Professor Luis Escobar, requested we use R-Shiny as it was the most familiar for both parties. We created the dashboard using the model provided to us and data that was taken over the course of some period of time. The R-Shiny Dashboard is a way of creating and presenting the change in data through the sliders. With the statistical model we can see a lot of change.



R-Shiny, dashboard, statistics, Chronic Waste Disease, sliders, Virginia, deer, visualization