Website Wildlife Diseases Redesign


Professor Escobar requested a redesign of the current Wildlife Disease Research Website to meet modern day web design standards. The report contains a description of the requirements for designing the new website including both aesthetic and functional requests. These requests were realized using a coding paradigm known as the MERN Stack. A thorough description of how this paradigm was used to redesign the website is included in the report. Also, the report contains descriptions of the testing process for the website and the deployment strategy. Included in the report is a User's Manual and Developer's Manual. The User's Manual describes the user flow through the website providing descriptions of the various front-end functionalities on each page. The Developer's Manual provides a technical description of how the front-end and back-end were coded. Included is a thorough description of how to edit the code to edit website functionality. The presentation contains a high level description of the contents of the report.

There are two versions of the report with them containing the same content but in different formats. This is the same with the presentation files.



MERN, Quality Analysis Testing, Website, Wildlife Diseases