A study of two methods of teaching English in a community college setting

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Virginia Tech


Differences were investigated between two methods of teaching English in a community college setting-~one method emphasizing reading/writing skills and one emphasizing writing skills. A pre-test/post~test design was used for the study. The criterion evaluated were reading skills (vocabulary and comprehension) and writing skills.

The multivariate analysis of covariance (MANCOVA) was the Statistical treatment applied to the data. The null hypothesis that there were no differences between the two methods of teaching English was not rejected.

There were significant differences, however, among the three participating teachers and group/teacher interaction.

While there were those who indicated the English class as the appropriate place to integrate the skills of reading and writing, the study did not support this idea. However, it was recommended that the study be made in other community colleges with modification of the design to include a longer period of time between pre- and post-testing.



integrated reading skills