Cognitive Alignment with Performance Targeted Training Intervention Model: CAPTIM

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Naval Postgraduate School

In this technical report, we propose that the use of two simple behavioral measures, in conjunction with neurophysiological measures, can be used to create a training intervention that has the potential to provide: (1) real-time notification as to when a training intervention is needed, and (2) real-time information as to the type of training intervention that should be employed. The Cognitive Alignment with Performance Targeted Training Intervention Model (CAPTTIM) determines if a trainee's cognitive state is aligned or misaligned with actual performance. When misalignment occurs, it indicates that a training intervention is needed. Neurophysiological markers as captured by eyetracking and electroencephalography (EEG) can assist in determining why misalignment between cognitive state and performance occurred, leading to more effective and targeted training intervention. Because all measures are captured continuously in real time, this model has the potential to increase training efficiency and effectiveness in a variety of training domains. The model is illustrated with two case studies.