Teaching with Data in the Social Sciences at Virginia Tech: An Ithaka S+R Local Report


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This report recounts an exploratory investigation of the needs and experiences of instructors who teach with data in the social sciences at Virginia Tech, as part of an ITHAKA S+R project. The landscape of teaching with data in the social sciences at Virginia Tech is complex, involving instructors with a variety of interests and expertise, courses across the undergraduate curriculum, and students with a range of prior knowledge and personal goals related to their own learning. Participants discussed a variety of needs related to student competency, access and technology, program structures, and pedagogy. Multifaceted approaches from multiple university collaborators will be key to addressing these needs. By building on existing digital literacies programming, expanding shared resources like online modules, and exploring opportunities for peer education and further professional development, we can better prepare Virginia Tech students to learn, create, and take action with data throughout their lives.



data literacy, digital literacy, pedagogy