Acoustic performance of a stretched membrane and porous blanket combination

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Acoustical Society of America


The sound absorption performance of an acoustic absorber consisting of a stretched circular membrane placed a short distance in front of a fiberglass blanket was both measured and predicted. Both theoretical and experimental analyses were restricted to plane acoustic waves. Theoretical predictions indicated that the membrane-blanket combination would have a sound power absorption coefficient nearly equal to the sound power absorption coefficient of the blanket alone if the incident acoustic plane wave drove the membrane at one of its resonance frequencies. Theoretical analysis also predicted that the sound power absorption coefficient would approach zero when the membrane was driven at an antiresonance frequency by the incident acoustic plane wave. Experimental agreement with theoretical predictions was good for several membrane-blanket combinations. The results show that membrane-blanket combinations can be effective acoustic absorbers in frequency ranges which do not include the antiresonance frequencies of the membrane. The equations developed may be used to predict the acoustic performance of any membrane-blanket combination.



Absorption coefficient, Acoustic waves, Sound power levels, Acoustic analysis, Acoustic absorption


Thomas, W. A. & Hurst, C. J. (1976). Acoustic performance of a stretched membrane and porous blanket combination. Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 59(5), 1071-1076. doi: 10.1121/1.380972