Statistical Monitoring and Modeling for Spatial Processes

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Virginia Tech


Statistical process monitoring and hierarchical Bayesian modeling are two ways to learn more about processes of interest. In this work, we consider two main components: risk-adjusted monitoring and Bayesian hierarchical models for spatial data. Usually, if prior information about a process is known, it is important to incorporate this into the monitoring scheme. For example, when monitoring 30-day mortality rates after surgery, the pre-operative risk of patients based on health characteristics is often an indicator of how likely the surgery is to succeed. In these cases, risk-adjusted monitoring techniques are used. In this work, the practical limitations of the traditional implementation of risk-adjusted monitoring methods are discussed and an improved implementation is proposed. A method to perform spatial risk-adjustment based on exact locations of concurrent observations to account for spatial dependence is also described. Furthermore, the development of objective priors for fully Bayesian hierarchical models for areal data is explored for Gaussian responses. Collectively, these statistical methods serve as analytic tools to better monitor and model spatial processes.



Bayesian Analysis, Objective Priors, Risk-adjustment, Spatial Statistics, Statistical Process Monitoring