Asymmetrical interleaving strategy for multi-channel power converters

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In a power converter having m=two or more channels of power factor correction (PFC) circuits connected in parallel and an electromagnetic interference (EMI) filter connected in series therewith, phase shifts in switching between the respective PFC channels can allow increase of EMI filter corner frequency allowing reduction of size and cost of the EMI filter at some switching frequencies. Asymmetrical phase shifts (other than 360°/m) such as 360°/2m and other phase shifts and variations in m allow increase of EMI filter corner frequency at switching frequencies where symmetrical, 360°/m phase shifts provide no benefit to EMI filter design by providing cancellation or partial cancellation of different harmonics of the switching noise; which cancellation may be arranged to be complementary to the EMI filter function at more than one peak of the noise spectrum. (Such asymmetrical phase shifts do not significantly increase ripple and consequent switching noise). Alteration of m and corresponding alteration of phase shift may be performed adaptively for purposes of improving efficiency at light loads and the like.