Mass, entropy, and holography in asymptotically de Sitter spaces

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American Physical Society

We propose a novel prescription for computing the boundary stress tensor and charges of asymptotically de Sitter (dS) spacetimes from data at early or late time infinity. If there is a holographic dual to dS spaces, defined analogously to the AdS/conformal field theory correspondence, our methods compute the (Euclidean) stress tensor of the dual. We compute the masses of Schwarzschild-de Sitter black holes in four and five dimensions, and the masses and angular momenta of Kerr-de Sitter spaces in three dimensions. All these spaces are less massive than de Sitter space, a fact which we use to qualitatively and quantitatively relate de Sitter entropy to the degeneracy of possible dual field theories. Our results in general dimensions lead to a conjecture: Any asymptotically de Sitter spacetime with mass greater than de Sitter space has a cosmological singularity. Finally, if a dual to de Sitter space exists, the trace of our stress tensor computes the renormalized group (RG) equation of the dual field theory. Cosmological time evolution corresponds to RG evolution in the dual. The RG evolution of the c function is then related to changes in accessible degrees of freedom in an expanding universe.

cosmological constant, black-holes, quantum-gravity, renormalization-group, gravitational action, particle creation, string, theory, gauge-theory, time, dynamics, Astronomy & Astrophysics, Physics
Balasubramanian, V ; de Boer, J ; Minic, D, JUN 15 2002. “Mass, entropy, and holography in asymptotically de Sitter spaces,” PHYSICAL REVIEW D 65(12): 123508. DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevD.65.123508