A meta-analytic validity study of the National Association of Secondary School Principals' Assessment Center process

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Virginia Tech

The purpose of this study was to systematically synthesize and analyze through a meta-analytic method the results of various studies pertaining to the validity of the NASSP Assessment Center process. Thirtyfour studies were identified as potential sources of information. The analysis focused primarily on criterion-related validity and the potential of gender, position type and racial bias in the assessment process.

Results of the study indicated criterion-related validity of the NASSP Assessment Center process to be very low. Questions were raised about the ability of the assessment process to discriminate among the twelve skill dimensions. The low discriminant validity in the NASSP process probably reduced the criterion validity reported by the various studies. The results indicated the criterion validity of the process was relatively low across most of the criteria used to substantiate validity. No significance relationships were found between the twelve skill dimensions and the demographic variables of gender, position type, or race. Although thirty-four studies were identified as sources of data for assessing the validity of the NASSP Assessment Center process, there isa need for more research on both construct and criterion-related validity. Criterion-related validity should be based on the application of skills on the job rather than a global measure of job performance.