An Investigation of the Microstructure and Properties of a Cryogenically Mechanically Alloyed Polycarbonate-Poly(Ether Ether Ketone) System

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Virginia Tech


This work investigates processing-microstructure-property relationships of a model cryogenically mechanically alloyed polymer-polymer system: polycarbonate (PC) and poly (ether ether ketone) (PEEK). Mechanically milled and alloyed powders were characterized using a variety of techniques including microscopy and thermal analysis. Cryogenically mechanically alloyed powders processed for 10 hours were shown to have a sub-micron level two-phase microstructure. These powders were processed into testable coupons using a mini ram-injection molder; microstructure and bulk mechanical properties of the coupons were investigated as a function of mechanical alloying and injection molding parameters. Atomic force microscopy, transmission electron microscopy, and scanning transmission X-ray microscopy revealed that the intimate blending achieved during the mechanical alloying process is not retained upon post-processing using a conventional polymer processing technique. Injection molded coupons were tested in 3-point bend mode via dynamic mechanical and quasi-static mechanical testing. Results demonstrated that no improvement in energy to break, strain at failure, or failure strength was achieved in coupons made from cryogenically mechanically alloyed powders compared to those of coupons made from non-mechanically alloyed samples.



Polycarbonate, Poly(ether ether ketone), PEEK, PC, Mechanical alloying