From Chaos to Calm: Understanding Anger in Urban Adolescent Males

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Virginia Tech


This work is based on the premise that uncontrolled anger contributes to the violence committed by adolescent boys 13-17 years of age. In fact, in all countries, young males are both the principal perpetrators and victims of homicide (World Health Organization, 2002). Identifying the underlying reasons for the anger is instrumental in controlling this emotion and in developing and implementing effective violence prevention methods that may lead to a decrease in adolescent violence. Violence in urban America committed specifically by the adolescent male is a serious problem and one that has stimulated the interest of this writer.The purpose of this dissertation is to provide classroom teachers, school administrators, counselors, and parents with insights, strategies, and techniques to understand and help the chronically angry child. Further, my purpose is to review and describe existing knowledge to provide a basis for action in managing these children. Dealing with an angry child is frustrating as well as challenging if one does not understand anger—its possible causes and effects. Since 95% of juvenile homicides are committed by boys under the age of 18, it is fitting that this work focuses on adolescent males (Supporting Our Sons, 2003).



Anger and boys, Aggression, Anger and adolescent males, Adolescent violence, Bullying, Anger, Anger and violence, Adolescent anger