Noncommutative Kernels

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Virginia Tech


Positive kernels and their associated reproducing kernel Hilbert spaces have played a key role in the development of complex analysis and Hilbert-space operator theory, and they have recently been extended to the setting of free noncommutative function theory. In this paper, we develop the subject further in a number of directions. We give a characterization of completely positive noncommutative kernels in the setting of Hilbert C*-modules and Hilbert W*-modules. We prove an Arveson-type extension theorem for completely positive noncommutative kernels, and we show that a uniformly bounded noncommutative kernel can be decomposed into a linear combination of completely positive noncommutative kernels.



Noncommutative kernels, noncommutative functions, uniformly bounded kernels, completely positive kernels, completely positive maps, completely bounded maps, Hilbert C*-modules, Hilbert W*-modules