HCI and E-Learning: Developing a Framework for Evaluating E-Learning

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This chapter developed a framework for evaluating e-learning for use in Human Computer Interaction (HCI). A systems approach was used in the study; input, processes and output. Eleven categorizations of evaluation of e-learning were identified and five categorizations were examined because the remaining six overlapped with the five categorizations used. A twelfth categorization; matching learning theories to learning outcomes was added by this author. For each categorization, two studies were examined and compared for use of theory, criteria, objectives and outcomes. Altogether, within each categorization examined, the evaluations were not conducted in the same way making it difficult to compare. This author hopes that over the years, a consistency in evaluations would be achieved for use in HCI.



Systems, Scriven, Stufflebeam, Kirkpatrick, Patton, Framework, Miller