A multiwavelength detector and hydrodynamic chromatography system for the determination of particle size and size distribution

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Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University


The knowledge of particle size and size distribution are important parameters for understanding the behavior of numerous colloid systems. These areas include for example, clays, viruses, paints and blood. Until recently this information could be obtained only by the use of expensive, slow and complex instrumentation.

Hydrodynamic chromatography provides a means of investigating particles in the submicron and micron region. The separation mechanism of this method is based upon the flow parameters with which the solute particles interact as they pass through a packed column. In the past the interpretation of these chromatograms has been based upon the mathematical modeling of the column parameters.

We have developed a new multiwavelength detector system to be used in conjunction with hydrodynamic chromatography which provides size and concentration information of the eluant directly. The result is a rugged system that provides size and size distribution information rapidly and at low cost.