Virginia Center for Civil War Studies website redesign


Rebuilding the digitized sources website for the VCCWS. The website was previously hosted somewhere else, and used third-party services to operate. This project aimed to create a working program running on VT hosting, and didn't rely on other servers to function. These reports/presentations outline the design of the website.


The report + presentation + source code for the VCCWS digitized sources website redesign project. Inside the ZIP file is our source code. The contents are as follows: Project folder: The actual PHP/javascript code are in here. UI folder: This folder has the reference material used in the CSS of the website. The UI folder contains libraries that have CSS code from other sources as well (Like Twitter bootstrap). gulpfile.js: The gulp file allows the website to use the gulp utility. package.json: This package contains some necessary json files for the website to operate properly. vccws.sql: This is the master sql file that needs to be run one time upon initial startup of the project. This will create the necessary tables/data to be referenced by the website. vendor.json: This also has necessary json data needed for proper operation. The readme should be read before any additional work is done.


website, Civil War, code, redesign