Measurement of bar{B0} Meson Properties Via Partial Reconstruction of the Decay bar{B0} -> D*+ l- ar{nu}

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Virginia Tech

Using data recorded by the CLEO II detector operating at the Upsilon(4S) resonance at the Cornell Electron Storage Ring, several properties of B mesons are measured using a partially reconstructed tag of the decay mode bar{B0} -> D*+ l- bar{nu}. Using 2.38 fb**{-1} of on-resonance data and the averaged B meson semileptonic branching fraction through inclusive lepton momentum spectrum obtained by previous CLEO analysis, we measure the B0 and B- semileptonic branching fraction to be (10.78 +/- 0.60 +/- 0.69)% and (10.25 +/- 0.57 +/- 0.65)% respectively, which yields the lifetime ratio tau_+/tau_0 = 0.950 +0.117-0.080 +0.091-0.068, assuming the equality of semileptonic partial branching width for bar{B0} and B-. With a larger dataset of 3.1 fb**{-1}, we measured the B0-bar{B0} mixing parameter chi_d to be 0.189 +/- 0.019 +/- 0.006.

Mixing, Semileptonic Decay, B Meson