Perceptions of School Counselors Towards Junior Reserve Officers' Training Corps (JROTC) in Virginia Public Schools

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Virginia Tech

This study examined the perceptions that Virginia public high school counselors have towards the Junior Reserve Officers' Training Corps (JROTC) program in their schools. Specifically, four areas of research questions were addressed: (1) knowledge; (2) beliefs and attitudes about benefits to students; (3) the extent to which JROTC is recommended to all students; and (4) the appropriateness of JROTC for particular students.

Data for this study were obtained from high school counselors in Virginia who were working in a school which offered JROTC as an elective. A questionnaire containing statements about the claims of JROTC was generated. The questionnaire contained a combination of true/false questions, Likert-type scale questions, a checklist of student characteristics, open-ended questions, and a final section on demographics. The investigator conducted follow-up interviews with school counselors at selected schools. Data analysis were relational and descriptive.

Results indicated that school counselors were knowledgeable about the relationship between JROTC and the military. School counselors indicated that they were in general agreement with the claims of benefits to students by JROTC, and indicated a positive attitude about these benefits to students. School counselors identified specific characteristics of students for whom they would recommend JROTC. School counselors also indicated for whom JROTC is an appropriate elective, and for whom it may not be appropriate or feasible.

It was concluded that school counselors have a generally positive perception towards JROTC in Virginia public schools. Recommendations for future research were presented.

school counseling, JROTC