An assessment of the quality management practices of a systems integration support organization with respect to the operations of a large-scale request for change (RFC) system

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Virginia Tech

Using a prototype Total Quality Management (TQM) assessment methodology, this project accomplished an assessment of the quality management practices of the General Electric Company Management and Data Systems Operations (M&DSO) Division, Systems Integration Program Department (SIPD) with respect to the operation and management of a large-scale Request for Change System (RFC). In addition, guidelines were proposed for the planning, design, and implementation of a TQM system. These guidelines can be used by SIPD management if they chose to integrate a Total Quality Management System into the organization.

An agenda of enhancement opportunities for quality management practices was identified as a result of the assessment.

A complete description of the RFC system, a systems analysis of the RFC system, the assessment methodology, and the criteria used to evaluate SIPD's quality management practices is included.