A Description of the Personnel Function in School Divisions of 5,000 Students or Less in the Commonwealth of Virginia

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Virginia Tech

The purpose of this study was to identify and describe the personnel responsibilities and preparation of the person responsible for the personnel function in 60 out of 83 school divisions in the Commonwealth of Virginia with 5,000 students or less that responded to the survey. The primary objective was to ascertain who had the responsibilities, if they were delegated or shared, and if so, to whom. Other objectives were to determine the relationship between who performed the personnel responsibilities and the size and wealth of the school divisions. Finally, the role that technology played in handling the duties and the extent the responsibilities would increase, decrease, or remain the same over the next three to five years were explored.

The superintendent was more often responsible for the personnel function in small Virginia school divisions with 5,000 students or less,. The study revealed that the assistant superintendent or directors of personnel were frequently designated as the persons with primary responsibility for the personnel function. Other employees in the division who either performed, shared, or were designated the responsibility for certain job responsibilities held one of the following titles: principal, secretary, administrator, administrative support person, director of instruction, person holding multiple titles or consultants.

The study indicated technology does not play a major role in small divisions except in the job responsibility areas of planning and compensation. Minimal change is anticipated over the next three to five years in the job responsibilities except for planning and staff development.

Management, Small School Districts, Human Resources, Virginia, Personnel