Steady states of a nonequilibrium lattice gas

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American Physical Society

We present a Monte Carlo study of a lattice gas driven out of equilibrium by a local hopping bias. Sites can be empty or occupied by one of two types of particles, which are distinguished by their response to the hopping bias. All particles interact via excluded volume and a nearest-neighbor attractive force. The main result is a phase diagram with three phases: a homogeneous phase and two distinct ordered phases. Continuous boundaries separate the homogeneous phase from the ordered phases, and a first-order line separates the two ordered phases. The three lines merge in a nonequilibrium bicritical point.

driven-diffusive system, long-range correlations, size-scaling analysis, spatial structures, biased diffusion, field-theory, conservative, dynamics, phase-transitions, critical-behavior, shock profiles, Physics
Lyman, E ; Schmittmann, B., Sep 2005. "Steady states of a nonequilibrium lattice gas," PHYSICAL REVIEW E 72(3) Part 2: 036127. DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevE.72.036127