Clustering and Topic Analysis in CS 5604 Information Retrieval Fall 2016

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Virginia Tech

The IDEAL (Integrated Digital Event Archiving and Library) and Global Event and Trend Archive Research (GETAR) projects aim to build a robust Information Retrieval (IR) system by retrieving tweets and webpages from social media and the World Wide Web, and indexing them to be easily retrieved and analyzed. The project has been divided into different segments - Classification (CLA), Collection Management (tweets - CMT and webpages - CMW), Clustering and Topic Analysis (CTA), SOLR, and Front-End (FE).

In building IR systems, documents are scored for relevance. To assist in determining a document’s relevance to a query, it is useful to know what topics are associated with the documents and what other documents relate to it. We, as the CTA team, used topic analysis and clustering techniques to aid in building this IR system. Our contributions were useful in scoring which documents are most relevant to a user’s query. We ran clustering and topic analysis algorithms on collections of tweets and webpages to identify the most discussed topics and grouped them into clusters along with their respective probabilities. We also labeled the topics and clusters, aiming for intuitive labels.

The report and presentation cover the background, requirements, design and implementation of our contributions to this project. We evaluated the quality of our methodologies and describe improvements or future work that could be done to extend our project. Furthermore, we include a user manual and a developer manual to assist in any future work that may come from our efforts.

information retrieval, clustering, topic analysis