Physical-Layer Security in Power-Domain NOMA Based on Different Chaotic Maps

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Nonorthogonal multiple access (NOMA) is a relevant technology for realizing the primary goals of next-generation wireless networks, such as high connectivity and stability. Because a rising number of users are becoming connected, user data security has become a critical issue. Many chaotic communication systems have been established to address this important issue via exhibition of affordable physical-layer-security solutions. In this study, we propose a chaotic downlink NOMA (C-DL-NOMA) system over the additive white Gaussian noise and Rayleigh-fading channels to enhance the security of the DL-NOMA system. The proposed algorithm is based on a coherent analog modulation technique that combines various chaotic maps for chaotic masking of encrypted data. On the transmitter, chaotic encryption was used for transmitted data with fixed power-allocation-level control, whereas on the receiver, successive interference-cancellation demodulation was utilized to detect multiple users, after which chaotic decryption was performed. Simulation results were evaluated based on security analyses, such as statistical analysis (histogram and correlation analyses and information entropy), bit-error-rate performance, and achievable-data-rate performance. According to these security analyses and numerical results, the proposed C-DL-NOMA system outperformed traditional unencrypted NOMA systems.

Abu Al-Atta, M.; Said, K.A.; Mohamed, M.A.; Raslan, W. Physical-Layer Security in Power-Domain NOMA Based on Different Chaotic Maps. Entropy 2023, 25, 140.