A Formative Evaluation of Personal Learning Networks for Professional Development in the Architecture + Design Industry

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Virginia Tech

This research is a formative evaluation of personal learning networks to determine their applicability for professional development in the architecture and design industry. The researcher seeks to find a catalyst toward discipline-wide realization of integrated design practices. This research initiative was spurred by leaders in the field who indicate that a swift transformation to integrated design practice is required in the discipline in order for the practice of architecture to remain effective in today's global economy. The AIA knowledge community has designated this issue a primary focus for professional development, yet innovative solutions for timely and effective knowledge transfer at a discipline-wide scale do not currently exist. Concurrently, there is active research in computer-based organizational learning within the social sciences, education and the human computer interaction disciplines, indicating its potential as an effective method for the dissemination of knowledge. The research strategy draws upon the human computer interaction discipline's user-centered design philosophy to harness the disciplines knowledge by actively engaging experts in a formative evaluation of personal learning networks using the Delphi method.

personal learning networks, integrated design practice, Career development, architecture and design industry