Ultrasonic Bubble Cleaner as a Sustainable Solution

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We aim to develop a floor-cleaning design by exploiting oscillating bubbles combined with ambient pressure waves to clean various surfaces. Previous studies of this method in lab settings have proven its efficacy, but practical applications, especially concerning real-world conditions like dirt surfaces, remain largely unprobed. Our findings indicate that, excluding a configuration with a heavy mass bottom transducer, all tested configurations achieved approximately 60–70% cleaning performance. A slight improvement in cleaning performance was observed with the introduction of microbubbles, although it was within the error margin. Particularly noteworthy is the substantial reduction in water consumption in configurations with a water pocket, decreasing from 280 mL to a mere 3 mL, marking a significant step toward more environmentally sustainable cleaning practices, such as reduced water usage. This research provides implications for real-world cleaning applications, promising an eco-friendly and efficient cleaning alternative that reduces water usage and handles a variety of materials without causing damage.

Howell, J.; Ham, E.; Jung, S. Ultrasonic Bubble Cleaner as a Sustainable Solution. Fluids 2023, 8, 291.