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InteriorVR is an application that gives potential home buyers the freedom to customize their new home however they want. While the software is meant to be used in virtual reality so users can get the most immersive experience possible, it can also be used on a desktop with a mouse and keyboard. As opposed to a normal virtual reality house tour, InteriorVR allows the user to add in new pieces of furniture or appliances, take away anything they feel doesn’t fit the space, or modify any existing or added objects in the home. Furniture and appliances can be moved, rotated, and even have their color changed to test out different materials. The other main selling point that separates InteriorVR from your average run of the mill virtual house tour is that you can compare two different homes at the same time. The users can instantly teleport between comparable spaces in two different homes. This helps the user make easy comparisons between different rooms in different homes. InteriorVR is the next revolution in virtual house tours because it gives the home buyers more power and flexibility than ever when evaluating potential homes.



Virtual Reality, House Tour, Software Application