Douglas MacArthur- An Administrative Biography

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Virginia Tech

For more than a half century Douglas MacArthur was a servant of the United States. He is best remembered as a general and a soldier, especially for his leadership during World War II and the Korean War. MacArthur was also the Superintendent of West Point, Chief of Staff of the U.S. Army, Generalissimo ( Commander) of the Armed Forces and Military Advisor (Minister of Defense) to the President of the Commonwealth of the Philippines, and the Supreme Commander Allied Powers and the Military Governor of occupied Japan. In these positions he functioned not as a soldier, but as a senior public administrator. The dissertation will begin by establishing the military as a valid and unique field of Public Administration. Contributions of military adminstration to the discipline of Public Administration will then be examined. The dissertation will examine MacArthur's professional and academic training for his previously listed administrative posts. A determination and analysis of MacArthur's theoretical and applied approaches to Public Administration and General Management Theories will be made. The analysis of MacArthur's performance in his administrative positions will be made against a backdrop of contemporary Public Administration Theory.

Public Administration, Administrative Biography, Douglas MacArthur