Graded artin algebras, coverings and factor rings

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Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Let (Γ,ρ) be a directed graph with relations. Let F: Γ’ → Γ be a topological covering. It is proved in this thesis that there is a set of relations ρ̅ on Γ such that the category of K-respresentations of Γ’ whose images under the covering functor satisfy ρ is equivalent to the category of finite-dimensional, grades KΓ/<ρ̅>-modules. If Γ’ is the universal cover of Γ, then this category is called the category of unwindable KΓ/<ρ>-modules. For arrow unique graphs it is shown that the category of unwindable KΓ/<ρ>-modules does not depend on <ρ>. Also, it is shown that for arrow unique graphs the finite dimensional uniserial KΓ/<ρ>-modules are unwindable.

Let Γ be an arrow unique graph with commutativity relations, ρ. In Section 2, the concept of unwindable modules is used to determine whether a certain factor ring of KΓ/<ρ> is of finite representation type.

In a different vein, the relationship between almost split sequences over Artin algebras and the almost split sequences over factor rings of such algebras is studied. Let Λ be an Artin algebra and let Λ̅ be a factor ring of Λ. Two sets of necessary and sufficient conditions are obtained for determining when an almost split sequence of Λ̅-modules remains an almost split sequence when viewed as a sequence of Λ-modules.