Academic Qualification in Onshore and Offshore Wind Energy within the Framework of the European Academy of Wind Energy and the European Wind Energy Master Program - Examples and Experiences in Germany and Europe

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Virginia Tech


The development of research and education in wind energy in Europe varies greatly between the member states. Building on these national achievements the European Academy of Wind Energy (EAWE) is integrating and connecting the activities of the highest level academic and research institutes in Europe. Leading universities in The Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, and Norway have joined forces to form the elite European Wind Energy Master (EWEM) building on different local programs at the partner universities: Delft University of Technology, Technical University of Denmark, Carl von Ossietzky University Oldenburg, Norwegian University of Science and Technology. While academic education on master and PhD levels is strongly based on international cooperation and consortia, the barriers in professional and continuing education to cooperate internationally are higher. The presentation will explain the concepts of the European Wind Energy Master and the continuing study programs Wind Energy Technology and Management and Offshore Wind Energy. Possibilities for cooperation will be discussed.




Kaern, M. (2015, June). Academic qualification in onshore and offshore wind energy within the framework of the european academy of wind energy and the european wind energy master program - examples and experiences in germany and europe. Paper presented at the North American Wind Energy Academy 2015 Symposium, Blacksburg, VA.