Covid19 Data Webpage Design for Montgomery County, VA School System

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The product was inspired by the current state of the pandemic. This school year, children and families immerged from lock-down to return to the classroom. With in-person instruction resuming, it was important to follow covid19 cases in schools so that children stay healthy. The current information available on the Montgomery County School Website was difficult to interpret, and doesn’t give the user options to view data over longer periods of time, or for specific schools within the school district. The goal of the project was to provide visualizations for several views of Covid19 data in the Montgomery County School District. These visualizations provide overviews of data for the whole school district. They give the current weeks’ total number of cases, as well as a time series showing levels within schools (as a whole and within geographic locations) from the beginning of the school year to today’s date. The project also provides visualizations that allow the user to select specific schools and/or school-levels to view. This information was embedded into a webpage so that it could be accessed by anyone interested in the data.

Covid 19, pandemic, capstone, engineering, masters, computer science, data science, information, graph, chart, visualization, public, d3, observable, bootstrap, building, scraping, data, API, webpage, schools