Measuring Principals' Technology Leadership and Principals' Behaviors: A Quantitative Study

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Virginia Tech

The purpose of this research study was to identify the current self-reported technology leadership behaviors of principals in one public-school division in Virginia. Additionally, this study identified the difference, if any, in the self-reported technology leadership behaviors of principals across principal and school demographics. For this study Technology leadership was defined as "leadership practices and behaviors that support effective teaching and learning with technology as characterized by the ISTE-EL standards" (Schoenbart, 2019, p. 9). This quantitative descriptive study examined the essential role of principals as leaders responsible for successfully implementing technology integration plans. The researcher collected data via the Education Leaders Technology Survey (ELTS), developed by Dr. Adam Schoenbart, which assessed the 2018 International Society for Technology Education ¬Standards for Education Leaders (Schoenbart, 2019). Overall, the researcher used technology leadership scores and demographic data to describe principal technology leadership behaviors related to the following research questions: (1) To what extent do principals report exhibiting technology leadership behaviors? (2) What are the differences in reported principal technology leadership behaviors, if any, across the following demographic factors? (2a) principal demographic groups of gender identity, age, years of experience. (2b) school demographic groups of school type, size, community technology access, and socioeconomic status. The findings of the study suggested that principals (n = 23) are somewhat exhibiting technology leadership behavior and there is no difference in technology leadership behavior across principal or school demographic groups. Based on the finding of this study several implications for practice and recommendations for future research developed.

Principal Technology Leadership, Digital Leadership, ICT Implementation, Principals