Constitutive Relation for Large Deformations of Fiber-Reinforced Rubberlike Materials with Different Response in Tension and Compression

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Fiber-reinforced rubberlike materials commonly used in tires undergo large deformations and exhibit different responses in tension and compression along the fiber direction. Assuming that the response of a fiber-reinforced rubberlike material can be modeled as transversely isotropic with the fiber direction as the axis of transverse isotropy, we express the stored energy function in terms of the five invariants of the right Cauchy-Green strain tensor and account for different response in tension and compression along the fiber direction. The constitutive relation accounts for both material and geometric nonlinearities and incorporates effects of the fifth strain invariant, I5. It has been shown by Merodio and Ogden that in shear dominated deformations, I5 makes a significant contribution to the stress-strain curve. We have implemented the proposed constitutive relation in the commercial software, LS-DYNA. The numerical solutions of a few boundary value problems studied here agree with their analytical solutions derived by using Ericksen’s inverse approach, in which part of the solution is assumed and unknowns in the presumed solution are found by analyzing the pertinent boundary value problem. However, computed results have not been compared with experimental findings. When test data become available, one can modify the form of the strain energy density and replace the proposed constitutive relation by the new one in LS-DYNA.