Catalytic reaction in the process of carbon monoxide disintegration

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Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

The catalytic effects of selected iron phases (metal, oxides, sulfides, and carbides) on the Boudouard reaction (2 CO = CO₂ + C) were studied, in an effort to more fully understand the disintegration of refractories when exposed to CO for long periods of time.

Based on computer generated equilibrium phase maps (SOLGASMIX program), experimental kinetic data including activation energies and x-ray diffraction data of iron phases, the following conclusions were reached:

(1) Ferric oxide (Fe₂O₃ ) is most catalytic;

(2) Active iron atom generated by the reduction of Fe₂O₃ is a catalyst for carbon monoxide disintegration;

(3) The catalytic process consists of the adsorption of CO, the formation of intermediates FeC, Fe₂C , and Fe₃C , and the decomposition of these intermediates.