Formulation of goals for the collegiate organization of the Vocational Industrial Clubs of America

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dc.description.abstractProblem Statement Although the collegiate organization of VICA was officially established in 1975, an appropriate list of goals has not been developed. The problem addressed in this study was the lack of specific direction for the collegiate VICA organization. Research Procedures The goals were developed by administering three Delphi iterations to a thirty-member panel of consultants. The panel was comprised of ten collegiate VICA chapter advisors, six collegiate VICA chapter presidents, four student members of the National Collegiate VICA Planning Council, two National VICA Board of Director's members, two National VICA staff members, two National VICA resource persons, two State Supervisors of Trade and Industrial Education and two State VICA Directors. In addition, a lexical analyst and five-member advisory committee were utilized to examine and assess the panel of consultant's responses compiled after each Delphi iteration. A forced-choice rating scale was utilized by the panel of consultants to determine the priority of each goal. Findings The 16 goals formulated in this study in order of priority are: 1. develop skills in leadership and leadership training; 2.5. assist, organize and implement stimulating VICA activities at the local, district, state and national levels; 2.5. foster the competencies that individuals need to be VICA advisors; 4. recruit potential VICA advisors and Trade and Industrial instructors into teacher education programs; 5. enhance the image of vocational education and VICA; 6. develop collegiate VICA chapter activities that involve business, industry and labor; 7. foster and maintain a supporting interest in Trade and Industrial Education; 8. establish a communication network among collegiate VICA chapters and state and national VICA offices; 9. instill within the collegiate VICA member a respect for and a solid philosophy of professional organizations; 10. provide the building of an improved self-image through personal achievement; 11. recruit new and assist existing collegiate VICA chapters; 12. develop respect for the dignity of work; 13. encourage the pursuit of continuous education consistent to the needs of the individual selected career objectives; 14.5. encourage further study and research by collegiate VICA members in the areas of Trade and Industrial Education and VICA; 14.5. promote unity and common purpose to remove all vestiges of biases in vocational programs; and 16. establish collegiate VICA regional conferences. Conclusions and Recommendations On the basis of the findings, the major conclusions and recommendations include: 1. There are 16 goals which have been formulated for the collegiate organization of the Vocational Industrial Clubs of America; 2. The 16 goals can be categorized into three priorities; "Extremely High or High Priority," "Medium Priority," or "Low or Least Priority." This prioritizing can allow individuals to assess each goal within its proper perspective and thus allow for a finer appreciation of the importance of each goal; and 3. The VICA Board of Directors and delegates to the 1980 Collegiate Forum should adopt the 16 goals as the official goals of the collegiate organization of the Vocational Industrial Clubs of America.en
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dc.titleFormulation of goals for the collegiate organization of the Vocational Industrial Clubs of Americaen
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