Linkages among research, education, extension, and farmers in the Republic of Cameroon

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Virginia Tech

The purpose of this study was to determine the linkages that exist among research, extension, education, and farmers (R-E-E-F) and to propose ways of strengthening these linkages. To achieve this goal the following specific objectives provided the basis of this research:

  1. To describe the context in which the R-E-E-F linkage exists.
  2. To examine the ways that R-E-E-F functions including: - formal and informal linkages, - communication strategies, - feedback mechanisms, and - diffusion of technical information.
  3. To determine how administrators view the research, technology-transfer, and farmer linkage.

The study was based on Kaimowitz et aI's. (1990) conceptual framework for studying the links between agricultural research and technology transfer in developing countries. This framework looked at "linkage mechanisms" in terms of the organizational procedures used to maintain research-technology transfer links and "contextual factors" i.e., all the factors that affect the use and relevance of linkage mechanisms.