Dynamic Modelling of Compliant-Moored Submerged Systems with Applications to Marine Energy Converters

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This paper presents a full‐range‐of‐motion numerical model of the dynamic characteristics of compliant‐moored submerged systems in unsteady fluid flow using a first‐principles approach. The program, implemented using the MATLAB software package, is in development with the primary intention of being applicable to in‐stream hydrokinetic turbines, though many wave energy converter and offshore wind turbine platform systems will also be capable of being modeled. A Lagrangian frame of reference is adopted to generate the equations of motion of a given system. The external forces presently considered in the model are those of gravity, buoyancy, and fluid drag, with plans to include more sophisticated fluid effects as the project advances. The development of the kinematic system and the body drag model are discussed. Additionally, two validation tests are presented. The results of the validation tests provide confidence that the methods employed have the potential to realistically simulate the dynamic behavior of compliant-moored systems once more detailed effects of fluid loading are accounted for.

Compliant-moored submerged systems, Hydrokinetic turbines