CS Information Session Reservation


The CS Information Session Reservation project is an effort to assist recruiting procedures for the Computer Science department at Virginia Tech. The department has an ambassador program that is responsible for hosting information sessions for prospective students and their families when they visit campus. The main goals of this project are to provide individuals with a means of signing up for information sessions online, and to automate behind the scenes processing for the ambassador program.

Our clients for this project are the leads of the ambassador program for the CS department, Ruth Labbe Hale and Debbie Zier. After meeting with them multiple times, we came up with a list of requirements and proposed deliverables for the project design. Our clients emphasized the desire to have the manual steps they complete on a day to day basis automated. Their current process heavily utilizes common Google Suite applications such as Gmail, Google Sheets, and Google Calendar. We incorporated these applications into our design to facilitate the transition to the new system.

Our clients sought at least the following pieces: an online form for prospective students and their families to use to sign up for information sessions, a shared online calendar for student ambassadors and our clients to see upcoming events, a spreadsheet containing relevant information for our clients, and various reminder emails for those signed up for events. Our design utilizes Google Suite applications as well as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to achieve the aforementioned goals. Upon user submission of the signup form, customized confirmation emails are sent to both the user and our clients reminding them of the upcoming information session. The collected form response is used to automatically populate a spreadsheet with information about the attendee, so our clients can utilize the data if needed. The spreadsheet automatically updates the shared Admin Google Calendar for the selected information session, which is then used by student ambassadors to sign up for these events.

Google Suite, Gmail, Google Sheets, Google Calendar, Google Form, Google Apps Script, Scheduling, Computer Science Department, Automation