CS Seminar Videos


Computer Science seminars are a very educational and interesting aspect that the CS department offers to the students attending the university. There are numerous occasions in which many students are not able to attend the seminars. Taking this into consideration our group was responsible for the digital video recording and editing of the CS Seminar talks. This allows for students to re-watch a seminar if they can’t remember all the information. Each seminar is held on Friday at 11:15am in Torg 2150. We recorded each CS Seminar, edited it, and posted it to the VTechWorks website that is located at this link: http://vtechworks.lib.vt.edu/handle/10919/19036. This project has been an ongoing project as seminars and talks are held every semester. The main purpose, along with what was described above, is to attract more people to Computer Science and support the Computer Science department based on research discussed in the seminars. Having these seminars uploaded onto a website that is easily accessible will generate interest in the computer science field as well as give people already in the field something potentially new and interesting to think about.


Main site for our project can be found at this URL: http://vtechworks.lib.vt.edu/handle/10919/19036. From here you can find videos of all the CS seminars and distinguished lectures given this semester. Each video has its own abstract and description. The files attached in this section are a final report in both raw Word Document and archival PDF formats and a presentation in both raw Powerpoint and archival PDF formats.


CS Seminar, Distinguished Lecture Series, Video Project, Video Editing, Camtasia, iMovie, VTechWorks Uploading